Admission Rules

One of Holidaypet's priority is the hygiene and sanitary conditions provided to our guests, therefore,there are some rules of admission.

The admission of cats or dogs is only granted if theirs vaccination card is updated as requested.

We deny lodging to any pets whose vaccination cards aren't updated.


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Why is vaccination mandatory?
Vaccination is the best way to protect a cat or a dog against viral or bacterial diseases.

It prepares your cat or dog immunitary system in such a way it can respond to this threats.

Protection from an initial course of vaccines does not last for life.

To maintain protection you should return your cat or dog for booster vaccinations.

Missing a booster vaccination may mean that a full course of vaccination is required for continued protection.

Without regular booster vaccinations your dog can become susceptible to disease.

You must have an up-to-date vaccination certificate if you intend boarding your pet while you go on holiday.

Useful tips
VacinaçãoTry to vaccinate your pet at least for a period of fifteen days before lodging, because the period after vaccination matches a loss of immunitary resistance.

If you have any doubt related with the vaccination request by our hotel, please contact us.

Hotel licensed by "Direcção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária"